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Blackpool band Annoying The Neighbourd
Blackpool band Annoying The Neighbourd
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“A young band from Blackpool out to have a good time and play some music.”

That’s the tagline on the Facebook page for new indie kids on the block – Annoying the Neighbours.

Which is quite modest really, because judging by the music these Arctic Monkeys-style lads are making, they have half a chance of getting somewhere.

The band, who describe their style as indie-rock with metal influences, consists of school friends 19-year-old Jack Swann-Connor on vocals; 21-year-old bassist Daniel Hadden; and lead guitarist Jack Wood, rhythm guitarist Connor Dodd and drummer Adam McQuiggan, all aged 18. All went to St George’s High in Marton.

“I’m glad I met them really because they were all into the same kind of music – all indie stuff like the Arctics, The Hives and The View,” said McQuiggan.

“If I’d not got pally with them I met have ended up being into Justin Bieber or something!”

In their 12 months together the lads have performed in venues from Lytham to Cleveleys, with more dates lined up for the remainder of the summer.

It’s not very rock n’roll but they are also getting an all-important helping hand from their parents, and aren’t too proud to admit it.

“My dad and the guitarist’s dad are roadies and we don’t know what we’d do without them,” said drummer McQuiggan.

“They take all the amps and our equipment to gigs for us – we owe them big-time.”

The band have recorded an EP – the standout track Remember Me, with a catchy hook and a moody guitar riff which sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

Next on the agenda is an album. “We’ve got 11 songs we want to do and we’re due to start recording at a studio pretty soon,” said McQuiggan. “We’re pretty pleased with the material we’ve got now. We don’t write songs individually – we start jamming as a band and then, eventually, a song will emerge.

“The biggest problem is finding the time to get together. A couple of us start university in September, and the singer was away last year.

“It would be brilliant to make a career out of music and do it for a living. That is the dream.”

There is an honesty and relevance about the band which makes them refreshing compared with the wave of fake popsters gracing the charts today.

To check out the band, Annoying the Neighbours are at the Galleon in Blackpool on Thursday, August 15 at 9pm. Entry is free.

The EP can be heard at