Lytham Festival today: Rebecca Ferguson, Terry Alderton and Fugitive Orchestra

Rebecca Ferguson, plays Lytham Festival
Rebecca Ferguson, plays Lytham Festival
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It’s a good job Rebecca Ferguson likes the Fylde coast, as she’s got plenty of dates lined up here.

After the success of last year’s Illuminations Switch-On Sunday night performance, she’s back on Lytham Festival’s Pavilion Stage tonight – an all together more intimate event. It was the first show of the nine-day celebration to sell out, and later this year she’ll be back for a tour preview and then early next year for her tour proper at the Opera House.

Comedian and actor Terry Alderton

Comedian and actor Terry Alderton

“About 30 of us recently came to Blackpool, and went to the Pleasure Beach,” the Liverpudlian lass said. “I went on everything, and I had vowed to never do the Big One – and I went on it last. It wasn’t as bad as it looks, I just closed my eyes. Blackpool is one of those places everyone goes to, with their families, a fun seaside town.”

Rebecca plays Lowther Pavilion tonight, where the 2010 X Factor runner up will showcase her Lady Sings The Blues album, a cover of the legendary recording by the late Billie Holiday.

“It has opened doors for me in the jazz world,” she said. “I have been singing all over the place, at jazz festivals and I really enjoy it.”

He’s probably familiar to soap fans from his recent stint as Cockney cabbie Terry Spragan in EastEnders, but Terry Alderton is looking foward to tonight’s gig in the comedy tent on Lytham Green. Hosted by Phil Walker, his enthusiasm for the date is clear.

James Tattlington - aka Fugitive Orchestra, plays Lytham Festival

James Tattlington - aka Fugitive Orchestra, plays Lytham Festival

“I don’t do stand up a great deal these days I pick and choose,” he said. “I love playing to a North West audience, it’s always exciting so this was a no-brainer.”

That said, it’s been a while since Terry was on the Fylde, having joined Michael McIntyre to film his Comedy Roadshow at the Grand Theatre in Blackpool in 2010.

“My name is in stone by Blackpool Tower on the Comedy Carpet,” he added. “And this is a good excuse to bring my son up as he hasn’t experienced Blackpool. So we are all coming up for a bit of kiss me quick and fish and chips. I’ve heard Lytham’s a very nice chilled out near-the-sea kinda place. I’ve got the buckets and spades at the ready.”

Playing the Redrow Jazz Cafe, at the Assembly Rooms, tonight is a local act Fugitive Orchestra.

It might sound rather grand, but the act is actually solo musician James Tattington, a former Hodgson High School, Blackpool Sixth Form and Blackpool and Fylde College student. From there he moved south to Portsmouth, gaining a masters degree in English literature and making his home there.

Proud dad Andy said: “Words and stories are an incredibly important part of James’ musical creativity - his style of playing can’t really be categorised, even though he’s in a jazz cafe at Lytham, but it is truly original and engaging. “James writes all his own songs, but does cover other artist’s music, but usually with a twist.”