Lucy is heading for top

Singer Lucy Whigham
Singer Lucy Whigham
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Bispham singer and songwriter Lucy Whigham notched up another – and she says her final – talent show victory by taking top prize at North Shore Conservative Club’s Wow! Factor.

No stranger to the talent show scene she’s now set to concentrate on a solo career (and her studies) which shouldn’t pose too many problems for a young lady whose confidence has come on in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years.

Despite tough competition she stormed to victory with a set which started out at funky pace for Ain’t Nobody before U-turning for an unlikely but appealing ukulele version of Coldplay’s Fix You.

Revealing genuine star quality and a perfect pitch she then moved onto her own composition, Should I Say, before ending with a stellar version of Christina Perri’s emotional Jar of Hearts.

Second place went to Latin American dance duo Chloe & Lewis. They’re very young, very athletic and very Latin and despite their tender years have developed a strong local following for a largely breathtakingly fast routine which saw them earn a standing ovation.

Also trying their luck with a dance routine (Britain’s Got Talent and Strictly Come Dancing has a lot to answer for) were La Passionale. Another well received duo they possibly packed too much into their short routine yet still seemed to be rather samey after 10 minutes or so.

Opening the event was Louise Roberts with an interesting but occasionally shaky selection of songs including Bjork’s Oh So Quiet together with an impressive version of House of the Rising Sun and Laura Lee’s bluesy Dirty Man. Conquer those shakes and she could be one to watch.

Jenny Daniels capitalised on a big voice to open with the jazzy At Last but found Tell Me It’s Not True from Blood Brothers just a shade too difficult. She also needed to use the stage more.

Jade Timperley’s set combined Talyor Swift with Pixie Lott and Chorus Line with The Lady Is a Tramp but losing the lyrics once didn’t help and she needs to develop her own vocal style.

Local band The Crossing gambled on featuring their own material. A brave move which on another night might have paid off but the five piece needs to work on developing a presence to match material such as Castaway, This Boat Was Made To Sink and Broken Arrow.

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