Lowther date at the end 
of star’s ‘best ever year’

Jonathan Antoine / Sony Music
Jonathan Antoine / Sony Music
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Tenor Jonathan Antoine returns to the Fylde coast for the third time in the space of two years.

With two supporting turns at Lytham Festival under his belt, he is returning to headline his own show at the town’s Lowther Pavilion next month on the first date of his nationwide tour.

Labelled the ‘Teenage Pavarotti” when he burst on to the nation’s TV screens on Britain’s Got Talent, he has since split from former singing partner Charlotte Jaconelli, with whom he recorded two hugely successful top-five albums.

Twenty-year-old Jonathan has since released his debut solo album Tenore which hit top spot on the classical charts for three weeks.

He said: “2015 has been the best year of my life so far. In the past 10 months I’ve been able to perform across the country all the while preparing for my first very own UK solo tour. It sounds quite surreal that I’m preparing for something which people seem to want to come and be a part of!

“Among the highlights was the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, where I got to hang out and sing on the same stage as Alfie Boe, Sophie Evans, and Amy Dickson, all of whom are incredible not just as musicians but as people.

I also got to perform my very first full solo show – at the garden theatre of Gawsworth Hall in Cheshire. The reception from the crowd was outstanding.

“I was then presented with the privilege of being invited back to Lytham Festival for the final night of the proms.

“The first time I performed in Lytham was as part of the J&C duo back in 2013, and that venue started my friendship with the lovely Russell Watson, although we had met briefly before at the Classic Brits – our friendship was cemented here, so the place certainly has sentimental value.”

Jonathan also managed to perform for one of his heroes this year.

He said: “It was a very surreal moment, one of the most amazing things ever.

“I was at the Muhammed Ali Celebrity Fight Night in Arizona, and I look out at the crowd and Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal are staring back at me. Nothing prepares you for a moment like that. I am a massive fan of De Niro, I love all his films.

“What made it even more bizarre and surreal is I had just done Parla Più Piano from The Godfather for my Tenore album and there I am singing in front of one of my heroes who was only in The Godfather!”

So what can we expect from him at Lowther Pavilion?

“It’s all going to be new and I love that, from the material to the venues which are all new to me.

“The aim of this tour is to do away with overproduction. For too long musicians have been separated from their audiences by a thick layer of overproduction, distorting the real image of the sound and removing the raw and emotional element of the art of performance.

“I would say I will be singing 80 per cent of my debut solo album Tenore as well as a number of new songs that we really think will work with them, and some old favourites.”

Jonathan Antoine is at Lowther Pavilion on November 2. Call (01253) 794221 for details.