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DJ Joe Curran
DJ Joe Curran
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It’s 20 years since DJ Joe Curran first arrived in Blackpool – and he’ still loving every minute of it.

With a weekly love it or hate it Marmite Show at The Crown in Central Drive Joe has combined entertaining locals with being a hit with visitors.

The story started in 1992 after he saw an advertisement in his home city of Liverpool for glass collectors at Rumours .

“I’d just finished at Ferrari’s night-club in Liverpool and called the venue asking if they needed DJ’s as well,” says Koe.

He was invited down, given a trial and stayed there several months before moving to Springs in what is now the Hilton.

“I took on the Tuesday nights which were tailored to the emergency services and in particular the nurses,” he said. “We were packed to the rafters, with someone every week ending up in the swimming pool, not a good idea in the winter months, having to walk home wet and cold!”

The in 1994 a chance meeting with Mike and Sandra Nordwind who were opening Main Street and the Bizness resulted in a new residency as the host DJ in Main Street alongside Jimmy Day and a young Joey Blower.

He stayed until 1997 but while still there took on a midweek night at Never On a Sunday on Clifton Street, headed by pub landlord legend Dave Daly.

“Dave drove the place but both Jimmy Day and I were left to be the ambassadors for the brand and were labelled as social engineers,” he says. “People still talk about ‘Sunday’s’ now as it was affectionately known. The place was great and the atmosphere was unreal.”

Other residencies included The Dutton Arms, Addison’s Night Club and Yate’s South Shore.

“I even had my own show on Radio Wave and still host the Beaverbrook’s 10k Fun Run which I have now done for 10 years,” says Joe.

He also notched up a stint at The Palace and a residency at Yate’s North Shore before Dave Daly, who was opening Cahoots (now Yates’s) invited him there in 2001 – and he stayed until 2007, again following Dave Daley, this time to The Castle.

“Five years down the line and now in my 20th year as a DJ in Blackpool what can I say about my stint at The Castle,” he says. “The place has character, and attracts them also, the Saturdays are fun with visitors celebrating a cross section of events, from stag and hens, birthdays, job appointments and more popular than ever – divorce parties.

“I’m surprised and delighted at people from all over the country who come back to the Castle, I have people who bring me cakes (hence the figure) pies (from Wigan) and one man who I have yet to meet buys me a sandwich every Saturday and sends it over with one of the staff.

“Some customers just come in for a barrage of ‘One liners’ all in the best possible taste.

“The staff are used to the routine and some are now part of the act, I try to make people feel relaxed and forget any troubles they may have, it’s an escapism and time to enjoy themselves. Blackpool has been good to me and I defend it at the drop of a hat. It’s an arena for people letting their hair down and in my 20 years I have enjoyed meeting so many people who have become good friends.

I am still enjoying my time playing music and having a laugh and hope that my customers enjoy what I do.”