Jekyll prove hard work pays off

Blackpool band Jekyll
Blackpool band Jekyll
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After coming third in Lytham’s Got Talent this year and of course winning Battle of the Bands last year, Jekyll are a band clearly doing something right.

The four members are based in Poulton and Thornton, and considering they are all aged 16 and 17 and at Blackpool Sixth Form College, have come a long way in a short space of time.

Forming as a trio three years ago they have recently decided to add an extra guitarist/ vocalist, Jonny Chatterton, to their line-up.

“I think it was the right move,” said Joel Foster, who is on vocals, guitar and keys. “It has expanded and improved our sound.”

Completing the line up are Lewis Armistead (bass and backing vocals) and drummer Liam Singleton.

For pub gigs they have a wide repertoire including indie, rock and punk.

“Our favourite bands to cover are Muse and Radiohead,” said Joel. “But our more unexpected covers include Dolly Parton, Nina Simone and Andy Williams, all with our own twist of course.”

The Smiths and Kasabian heavily inspire them and as for their fashion influences well, perhaps the less said the better.

“We aren’t what you’d call slaves to fashion – we are its masters,” said Joel.

“Seriously, have you seen what we wear? If the ‘roll-out-of-bed’ look was hip, then we’d be innovators.”

Jekyll currently have around 10 original songs and five of them are already recorded.

“They have all been played live in various different venues and they always get good, enthusiastic feedback,” added Joel. “In fact they often go down better than our covers, which is encouraging for us.”

Their first EP has been recorded, including songs such as Cramp, Lost to Love and My oh My, which ranges in style from metal to melancholic tunes which, Joel reckons, “reflects the range of music Jekyll listen to.”

You can catch a Jekyll gig a few more times before the year is out – including November 23 at Carleton Bowling Club and December 14 at the Swift Hound on Rigby Road – and on New Year’s Eve they’re at The Golden Eagle in Anchorsholme, where they headlined at the Eaglefest in August.

They aim to do the festival circuit next summer and as for the long term, Joel added: “If ambition and hard work reaps rewards then the future ought to be packed full of opportunities.”

Let’s hope so.

Abigail Gillibrand