‘I can’t wait to play in front of the fans in Blackpool’

Jane McDonald
Jane McDonald
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Jane McDonald is an infectious and hugely likeable lady.

Seconds into our phone conversation, and talking with that lovely broad Yorkshire accent, she has let out a big belly-laugh and put herself down with a depreciating remark.

In short, she comes across as one of the most unstarry people you could ever hope to meet.

Which considering she has been playing sell-out gigs throughout Europe for the last decade and more after being catapulted to overnight fame in a BBC reality show, as well as spending many years on the hit TV show Loose Woman, is quite something.

McDonald, who turned 50 this year (“what a nightmare that was - I didn’t like it at all!”), plays a gig tomorrow at the Opera House in Blackpool.

It is a venue and a town she loves.

“I feel as though it’s where it all began for me,” she explains.

“When I first got Blackpool Central as a club singer, that was it - I’d made it as a club artist. When you got booked to do a Blackpool club you were a big turn and to me Blackpool is still the pinnacle.

“I think that’s why I always go down particularly well in Blackpool, because of that history I’ve got with it.

“When it all happened for me and I got famous, Blackpool was the place I wanted to be because I knew that was the top.

“London is OK, it’s fabulous in fact, but for the north it’s Blackpool - and once you can get your audience in Blackpool then you’ve made it as far as I’m concerned.

“I’m so grateful people keep coming back year after year.”

With a new album out next month, McDonald says her love for music has never been greater.

“I’ve thrown everything at this tour and I haven’t enjoyed singing as much as I am now in years,” she said.

“This is a brand new show, I am playing with some phenomenal musicians and we’re doing some fabulous songs. The elation I get from singing at the moment ... I can’t explain it.

“This is definitely the best show I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to perform in front of the fans in Blackpool.”

Tickets start at £21.45. Check availability at www.blackpoollive.co.uk or the box office on 0844 856 1111.