Hoff wants your music memories

The Hoff is looking to make friends when he comes to Blackpool for musical premiere Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
The Hoff is looking to make friends when he comes to Blackpool for musical premiere Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
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Do you know your Black Box from your D:Ream, your Yazz from your Rembrandts – then producers of the world premiere musical want to hear from you.

Later this year, new show Last Night A DJ Saved My Life will open at Blackpool Opera House, starring TV legend David Hasselhoff.

The show has been created by Jon Conway, the man behind previous jukebox musicals including Seventies show Boogie Nights and its Eighties follow up Boogie Nights 2.

Now he’s turning his attentions to the 1990s with Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and is calling on Blackpool residents to share their memories of the late 1980s and early to mid-1990s to help form parts of the show’s plot.

With workshopping for the production now under way, there is a chance for moments from locals’ lives to be included in the tale, which sees ‘The Hoff’ play a divorced nightclub owner in Ibiza dealing with his 17-year-old daughter turning up on the island – and his motto suddenly becomes: “Do as I say, not as I did!”

Jon said: “We’re looking for readers of The Gazette to share their memories of things to go in the show.

“In a sense, it’s going to be Blackpool’s musical. At this stage, Ross’s UK home will be Blackpool and the show will be going worldwide after the premiere here,

“It would be really fun to have some local elements in it, as the place where the daughter and wife live. We want a local flavour.”

It’s something Jon’s done before, with 
Boogie Nights 2 featuring 
Wolverhampton, where it debuted.

As well as memories of every day life, Jon’s keen to find out more about local events from the time, as well as stories from the town’s clubbing culture.

The ambition for Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, which opens on Friday, October 16 at the Winter Gardens’ theatre, is to mount a four-month tour after its Blackpool fortnight, before moving on to Germany, Australia and America through next year.

Jon, who has long worked in Blackpool with previous ventures including producing the Grand Theatre’s summer shows for 20 years, added: “It’s a feel good musical with a story to it. It will be the first time the late 80s and early 90s have become nostalgia”

“We think of nostalgia as something our parents did, but it’s 25 years since 1990. That’s when we started big shows at the Grand – so we’ve been looking at some of the songs from those.”

Email anna.cryer@blackpoolgazette.co.uk, including DJ MEMORIES in the subject line, with your special moments from the era.

n Tickets to Last Night A DJ Saved My Life are on sale now, costing from £20. Show times and prices are available online at www.wintergardensblackpool.co.uk