From the dungeon to a award nominated horror

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Bruce Jackson spends pretty much his entire life acting.

By day he works at Blackpool Tower Dungeon, playing several characters in the show that the paying punters watch.

Then at night and weekends, he is busy starring in music videos and films.

It might get a bit wearing for some but not Bruce – the 29-year-old Blackpool lad has his heart set on becoming a successful, professional actor and has just taken a big step towards fulfilling that aim.

The first film he has starred in, a low budget horror movie called Molly Crows, has scooped a prestigious award at a major Russian horror film festival.

Given the organisers whittled down a shortlist of 120 to 15, and then chose Molly Crows ahead of films from Russia and China, it is a pretty major achievement.

More impressive still, Molly Crows was shot for less than £1,000.

The director, Ray Andrew Wilkes, is now in talks with distributors about releasing the film to a wider audience and putting it on at film festivals in this country.

If that happens, it will mean Bruce’s acting talents will be seen by plenty of people.

“It is great that the film has won an award, and everybody who has seen the movie says some very nice things,” he said.

“Because it was shot on such a low budget there aren’t any fancy special effects – it is just done very cleverly, almost a working class drama but with a horror element.

“Everybody involved gave their time for free but it’s on a profit-share basis, so if it catches on and is a success, we’ll get a bit of money from it.”

For Bruce, the most important thing is that it helps get himself known for his acting skills.

The original plan, though, wasn’t to be an actor at all.

“I studied Politics and International relations at Uni but after about 18 months suddenly realised it wasn’t what I wanted,” he said.

“I saw on Facebook that a mate of mine was shooting a music video and he needed someone to act in it, and that’s how it all started.

“I’ve done about 50 plays and different projects since I was about 20 but it’s only in the last four years I’ve decided I want to be a professional actor.

“The hardest thing, of course, is getting a break – especially for someone like me who has no acting degree. But hopefully the success of this film will help.”

The movie took six months to complete and Bruce had to juggle his day job at the Tower with travelling to Staffordshire to shoot scenes.

There are already signs it has helped his career move on.

He is playing a major role in Playing With Fire, the latest work by Blackpool film-maker Gaz Coward. And on the day we spoke he was travelling back from Manchester after starring in a music video for up and coming band Silver Story.

A determined fella who is dead-set on making it in the acting game, Bruce is definitely one to keep an eye on.