Five-piece hope debut will help them take off

Up-coming Blackpool-based band Golden Wings
Up-coming Blackpool-based band Golden Wings
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Turning their backs on covers bands and solo projects, five friends are hoping their music careers are about to take flight.

Golden Wings got together last summer, but have known each other through school and sports for years.

And already they’re attracting interest from managers at Sony and a record label was asking for more material after hearing just one song.

This weekend will see them launch their first EP with a #SaturdaySession at Blackpool’s HMV store.

Golden Wings are made up of singer Tom Gregory, 19, Giles Hayton, 20 on keys, drummer Henry Turner, 22, bass player Rob Kenny, 22, and guitarist Jack Beaman, 21.

Jack said: “We don’t really know where our inspiration comes from.

“We have our own interests and we all have input when we’re writing.

“We get told that we could be heard on Made In Chelsea. There’s 80’s sound too.

“We like club and deep house music, but then there’s Kool And The Gang and the older stuff so there’s a really diverse mix.

“We have been told not to rush or push anything, so we’re happy working as we do.

“We’ve been quite busy and had quite a lot of interest. Now we’ve just got to get the EP out there.”

The lads put other musical projects behind them for Golden Wings, but the common thread is they’ve all been classically trained in their instruments.

“We’ve played our instruments for ages,” Jack said.

“When you’re training, you get frustrated about doing classical music but then it suddenly becomes easy to take that technique and do what you actually want to with music.

“We still really remember the day it just clicked for us.

“When we are in the studio making new songs, we find it so easy now, so we’re definitely grateful for having been trained.

“When we went to school people used to take the mick for playing and it has come full circle – everyone wants to play instruments now.

“And the fact we all play makes our options so much better, we know so much more musically than the average band.”

* Catch Golden Wings at HMV Blackpool, Bank Hey Street, from 3.30pm on Saturday, or at the Drunk Buffalo Club, Lytham, on Friday, March