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It’s hard not to mention Blackpool music festival which will be dominating the Fylde coast’s live music scene this weekend.

Venues across the area will be playing host to a whole range of diverse acts from Poulton People’s Choir to heavy metal groups.

It’s a chance for those hard working acts who fly under the radar to gain much-needed publicity.

Performer’s like Russ Erwin.

He has been in love with the music world since he was 15 when he picked up his first guitar.

“I found playing the guitar soothing and enjoyable.” he said.

“It was a natural progression to start songwriting four-years -ago.

“It’s like therapy writing songs,” admits Russ, who plays The Blue Room on Sunday night.

“You lose yourself in that world and releases the stress that has built during the day.”

The music festival is a perfect platform for Russ.

His sound is very different from what you usually hear in the charts but that was makes him stand out.

“I describe my music as emotive and some even say haunting – but in an memorable way!”, the singer, who has a day job working in Topman revealed.

He’s been busy making a name from himself around the Fylde coast but is now bursting into bigger cities such as Manchester where he is sure to capture the audience.

And he admits the gigs still bring on the nerves

Russ said: “I get nervous everytime I go on stage but it’s more excited nerves rather than scared.

“As soon as I assess the crowd and the first strum of the guitar is over with, all the nervous seem to disappear and then I give my best performance.”

Check out russerwin.com for more information, his Youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/spoonfullofmarmite/ or his Facebook page www.facebook.com/russerwin, twitter @russerwin

He’ll be supporting T. E Morris at The Blue Roo on Sunday.