‘Everyone would holiday here’

John Barrowman
John Barrowman
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The Opera House will be a welcome stop off for star of stage and screen John Barrowman, as his latest tour comes to town.

“Blackpool is the traditional entertainment capital of the UK, “ John said, speaking from his US home in Palm Springs.

“Growing up in Glasgow, Scotland, everybody would go there for holidays.

“It’s great to walk around and see the Lights, even though this time they won’t be on.

“Sightseeing only happens if I have a day off the next day.

“Last time I was in Blackpool, we did take a walk around and went up the Tower and did all that stuff.”

Earlier this month, it was feared John would miss some tour dates as he’d lost his voice – forcing him to cancel a TV appearance.

But the show must go on, and speaking to the Gazette earlier this year, John promised fans a ‘night of entertainment’.

He said: “With my own show, I can go off on a tangent and be spontaneous and play off the audience.

“I can go more in depth.

“I’m constantly planning for the tour. I write it and put the show together musically and with the stories and everything – choreography, lights, sound, everything.

“I know the span of it, the outline, before I go into planning in detail. The songs I pick mean something to me and I have to gather stories around them, as well as songs which stir memories for the audiences to be interested.”

John – who is currently starring in the hit US TV drama Arrow – said: “People need to know they will be getting a good night of entertainment; fun, poignant moments, huge laughter moments and learning a lot more about me.”

* John Barrowman, Opera House, tomorrow. Call 0844 856 1111 to book tickets.