Emily won’t be making the tea for much longer...

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Emily Adams was watched by 10 million people at the weekend.

But she’s finding it easy to keep her feet on her ground – not least because she’s spending her days making tea and coffee for strangers.

The 18-year-old saw off fellow Fylde coast singer Kelsey-Beth Crossley in Saturday’s edition of The Voice and is now just one stage away from making it through to the live shows.

In other words she is on the verge of becoming a national star and changing her life forever.

But at the moment she doesn’t exactly feel like a celebrity.

On a sabbatical from Arnold school while she’s competing in The Voice, the Cleveleys girl is working at Questa, an independent financial advisors based at Whitehills Business Park.

“Clients keep coming in and I’m just the tea and coffee girl who does some filing,” explained Emma.

“I’ve asked some people if they want a brew and they’ve gone ‘aren’t you the one on The Voice?’

“I suppose because it’s still fairly early on in the show I am quite chilled out about it all.

“I suppose it is slowly starting to get more serious and although I have been stopped by one person in the street, I can’t imagine getting to the stage where I’ll be shopping in the Hounds Hill and people will be asking for an autograph. That would be just weird.”

Emily sounds a lovely girl, a credit to her parents Marc and Judi, who have backed her singing all the way.

She began gigging properly when she was 15 and has played various bars and restaurants throughout the Fylde coast.

It’s all getting a bit more than a hobby now she’s becoming a TV star – but the irony is that she didn’t even apply to go on the show.

“I sang with a swing band in Bolton and one of the saxophonists owns a recording studio and put my name forward for The Voice.

“I went for a pre-audition and they liked what they saw and asked me to go for the audition proper. It went from there really, so considering I didn’t even enter myself, I suppose I’ve done OK!”

The plans had been to finish her education at Arnold before going full-out for a singing career.

“That way if nothing had come from the singing, I’d at least have had the security of some A-levels,” she said.

“But I am a big believer in things happening for a reason and it just feels the right thing to do at the moment.

“School have been brilliant and I’m going to re-sit my A-level year from the start of September – that’s the plan if nothing comes from being on The Voice.”

Viewers who tuned into Saturday’s show saw Emily pip her Fylde rival, former Emmerdale star Kelsey-Beth Crossley, in the Battle Round.

“It was difficult being up against her because we got on really well during our time on the show,” said Emily.

“I thought she was going to get picked to be honest because our mentor Ricky Wilson (one of four judges on the show alongside Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue and Will.I.Am) was talking about how you really get to know certain contestants and their backstory.

“I thought he was talking about Kelsey because she really wants to pull away from the acting side of stuff and become a singer, so I had resigned myself to losing.

“Then Ricky said my name and I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t really know what was going on.

“I walked off stage, had a camera shoved in my face asking how I was feeling. All my family were there … I couldn’t really speak, it was just too much. But it was brilliant, in fact I am smiling about it now just talking about it.”

Emily now moves on to the Knockout Stage, and after that – if she’s successful – will be in the live shows.

Watch this space.