Dysphonia to rock Cedar Tavern

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Acclaimed local band Dysphonia is back in action at The Cedar Tavern, Cedar Square, Blackpool tonight from 8pm to midnight with support from The Cobras.

Dysphonia are Michael Rigby (guitar and vocals), Gary Hanson (drums and vocals), Adi Green (bass guitar and vocals and Paul Banyard (lead vocalist).

The band started at the back end of 2010, influenced by artists such as Magazine, The Cramps, Joy Division, David Bowie, The Dead Kennedys, Captain Beefheart and described as being post-punk.

Adi and Paul used to be in a punk band in the late 80s called Strum but Adi has been in other local bands such as Litterbug and Erase Today.

Mike and Gaz have also been part of the local band scene with Gaz playing drums for The System at this year’s Rebellion punk festival.

Dysphonia have a five track cd out and are looking to compile a further cd of other tracks soon.

Find them on You Tube, Facebook, Myspace, Blackpool Gig Guide and Reverbnation.