Demo Review: Jekyll

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This week’s demo review comes from Blackpool based Jekyll.

Four lads, all studying at Blackpool Sixth Form College they describe themselves as playing melancholic, melodic indie rock.

They’ve been gigging for more than two years around the area and recently recorded their first EP which fell into the hands of Resort Beat.

And the work over those two years certainly has paid off.

My Oh My is a full blooded romp.

Distorted guitars, a twinkling lead line, all with gusty rhythm support.

I’m sure there’s more than a little nod in there to the Kaiser Chiefs.

But, hey, Ricky Wilson’s not done badly for himself, has he?

Solid vocals, good use of harmony, it’s certainly a cut above from your standard pub rock fayre while retaining a real commercial edge.

Cramp shows the band are able to branch out.

The harmonies give real depth to the brooding sound, guitars pounding away beneath, it’s a grower.

You Bled Me Dry is a departure again, an indication there’s more than just a distortion pedal in the group’s armoury.

There’s a belting chorus in there too - a neat but far from self indulgent guitar solo, it’s well worked and well produced.

The piano appear on ballad Lost to Love, an opening almost reminiscent of mid-nineties romantics Suede.

If your appetite’s been whet then you can catch the boys gigging around Blackpool very soon.