Classic movie inspires ska revolution

Ska Face are bringing two tone back into fashion on the Fylde coast and beyond.
Ska Face are bringing two tone back into fashion on the Fylde coast and beyond.
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Oliver Stone and Al Pacino are pretty proud of their 1980s cult movie Scarface.

But just imagine their pride if they knew it had also led to the formation of a Blackpool band doing great things...

Actually they probably wouldn’t give two hoots but, hey, that’s their loss for Ska Face – a band in which each member is named after a character in the film – are going great guns regardless.

The 10-piece formed in November 2009, played its first gig in March the following year, and now are out on the road pretty much every weekend of the year.

“It’s getting busier all the time too. In fact we have to make sure we keep one weekend free just so we can go away with our families,” said Colin Appleby.

Colin (aka Alberto The Shadow) is on the drums.

Every member of Ska Face has been in bands in the past – Ashes 2 Ashes, The Heat, U2 tribute band UZU, Scorched Earth, and Gatorville to name just a handful.

“Basically about three years ago we all tired of playing classic rock n roll stuff. There’s nothing wrong with it but most bands do it and we wanted to try something different,” explained Colin, who teaches at Blackpool and the Fylde College.

So they hit upon the idea of playing classic two-tone era tunes – The Specials, The Selecter, The Beat, that kind of thing – and to say it has taken off is something of an understatement.

They gig at least twice a week and have recently been in Camden, , Leeds and Kendal. Last week they supported The Wonder Stuff at a festival in Darwen.

“We are pinching ourselves really because basically we’re this little pub band from Blackpool,” said Colin. “It is the most successful band any of us have ever been in. We’ve hit upon a niche and it’s worked.”

The band released the aptly-titled That Difficult First Album 12 months ago and have just recorded a track (a re-working of The Beat’s Psychedelic Rockers) for something called Specialized Project - a double album to raise funds and awareness for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

The lads have a few local gigs coming up – Fleetwood Dockers Club (June 16), The Venue in Cleveleys (June 22), Wrea Green Institute (July 5) and Uncle Tom’s Cabin (July 6).

This is clearly a band worth checking out.

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