Charlie talks about her days as a sex symbol

Charlie Dimmock
Charlie Dimmock
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Charlie Dimmock is heading to Lytham on Thursday, though she won’t be focusing on the days when she became an unlikely sex symbol.

The 47-year-old used to work in her local garden centre before finding fame in the late 90s on BBC show Ground Force.

She suddenly found she had a lot of male fans and even posed for her own calendar.

“It was just one of those silly things. I think journalists like to have a tag for you,” said Charlie, sounding a little embarrassed by it all.

“Early on in my career, I was talking to Esther Rantzen and she said the media like to pigeon-hole people.

“She said she was referred to as the buck-toothed presenter, even though she had her teeth fixed within two years of starting her telly career.”

Charlie now splits her time between tending to her own garden and doing personal appearances, like the one this week at the Lowther Pavilion.

Called Passion For Gardens, the show will be split into two parts.

“The section before the intermission is a bit more about gardening, what I’ve done, stories from behind the scenes and so on and then after the intermission, there’s questions and answers with the audience,” she said.

“People tend to sometimes be a bit shy with asking questions but once someone starts, it gets the ball rolling. They can ask about their gardening problems or for advice or top tips to do with their garden.”

Charlie also has plenty of other things to talk about, including her recent role in the stage version of Calendar Girls.

Tickets for Thursday are priced £16 are available from or 01253 794221.