Band of brothers

Fleetwood band Monkberry
Fleetwood band Monkberry
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Think of all the great bands founded by brothers - AC/DC, The Kinks, Oasis, Van Halen and Radiohead to name but a few.

Add to that list Fleetwood’s Monkberry - who boasted not just one, but two fraternal sets upon their formation in 2004.

And while one half of each sibling pairing are no longer involved due to other commitments, the band is still going strong offering classic hits to audiences across the Fylde coast.

Frontman John McKenna told The Gazette: “Basically we formed as a natural thing between the lot of us and our appreciation of 60s and 70s music.

“It’s not a great earner but we’re not in it for the money, it’s just for the love of the music we play.”

The band cover a diverse range of artists including The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys and T.Rex.

And with a repertoire like that at their disposal it’s no surprise their fans often get in on the act and wrestle the microphone from John.

He added: “You can sing along to a lot of the words and it’s amazing.

“It doesn’t matter what age they are, they’ll sing along to it.

“Everybody wants to be the singer and take me off the microphone.”

Anyone interested in booking the band can call John on (07961) 307047.