An adventure that starts in St Annes...

April Moon
April Moon
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Where does a band with big musical ambitions decide to relocate to when moving to Britain? London, Manchester, Glasgow? Of course not, St Annes, obviously...

April Moon hail from Saskatchewan in Canada and consist of Jaime April (29, rhythm guitar, backing vocals) and Jason Moon (45, lead guitar and vocals).

They’re probably better known in these parts as Magic Trees. That was their name when they originally arrived here four years ago.

There were four of them – two married couples – but in true Abba style the relationships fell apart and so did the band. Jaime and Jason wanted to keep it going though, and April Moon was born.

But back to the big question, why on earth would band from Canada head to St Annes?

“Well why not?” says Jaime. “OK, we could have gone to London but it’s a big city and we grew up in small town places. We are looking for an adventure more than a big break, and we wanted to fit into a community and to enjoy playing our music.

“Jason had been to St Annes as a kid, so that was another reason for coming.

“When I saw the place I fell in love with it and the people are so incredibly friendly. It’s also got a very vibrant music scene – you can play gigs or open mic nights pretty much every day of the week.”

April Moon, who add a bass player and drummer for some gigs, have a live show which features bluesy electric guitar and tight harmonies, and cover songs by the likes Fleetwood Mac, Creedence Clearwater Revival and David Bowie, as well as throwing in a few of their own. “We love what we do, though obviously we miss our home and families,” added Jaime. “We used to have jobs – I was a travel agent – but we wanted to do something different. It might not conform to how most people think you should live life but we just believe a nine to five job isn’t the only path.”

Asked what the band’s ambitions are, Jaime replied: “I’m living in a different country, getting paid to play music for a living, which is cool enough. Maybe getting more recognition for our own music – that would be good, and Jason and I are planning to make an album soon.”

An interesting duo to say the least. To find out more head to or catch them at The Plough, Freckleton tonight, Grapevine, Poulton (full band, June 6), King’s Arms , Fleetwood (full band, June 8) or the Excelsior in South Shore (full band, June 14).

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