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A FORMER Blackpool-based musician is set for a grand ex-home town reunion tomorrow, when The Kut headline at beat on Corporation Street, ahead of old friends Litterbug and Mauser.

The three-piece Kut’s vocalist and lead guitarist Maha was brought up in Blackpool – her parents had a hotel on Dickson Road – and was a guiding force behind the band Substance, which won the Station Hotel’s Battle of the Bands contest in 1998, and took part in the Gazette’s Rock Quest the same year.

“That makes me sound like I’ve been around forever,” says Maha, whose current band’s pop-angled release Doesn’t Matter Anyway sold out across HMV stores and was an indie club floor filler – and whose debut album is half-completed.

But she’s looking to the comeback gig to show how different The Kut is to her previous outlets.

“We’ve all got different influences, and although we are all girls we didn’t set out to be labelled as an ‘all girl band’ – because that sounds too much like a gimmick and attracts the wrong kind of attention.

“Thankfully, we’ve been getting plenty of compliments, even though sometimes they are couched in terms like ‘did your father play guitar’, or ‘you’re a good band – for girl’”!”

Kim Fowley – former manager of The Runaways and a psychedelic rock legend in his own right – wasn’t anything like as patronising, describing them as “the best thing to come out of the UK.”

That was after hearing them in Los Angeles – where they will be returning later this year to celebrate a deal to feature their music on the computer game Rock Band’s soundtrack.

She has also landed an endorsement from Marshall amps – one of the only female guitarists to do so.

“Meeting Kim was a real honour, as was the Marshall link – and now the game connection has made everything a bit unreal,” says Maha. “Sell-out gigs in London are also something we never thought would happen.”

But she says she still misses Blackpool, and is hoping to catch up with plenty of friends tomorrow night.

“For a place the size it is, Blackpool is just bursting with talent,” she says. “Proportionately more so than London.”

As for ambitions, she would love to star in a Levi commercial and headline at Blackpool Opera House.

“I’ve never even been in the place – isn’t that a terrible admission,” she says. “I can’t wait until tomorrow though, because I’ll be playing alongside a lot of friends.”