Leanne’s living her dream

Leanne Fury, star of Legends
Leanne Fury, star of Legends
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PLAYING “the Meatloaf woman” was a long-time dream for Legends star Leanne Fury, who is currently starring in that very role in Legends on Central Pier.

The 29-year-old has played on every major stage in Blackpool and says she loves the resort more than anywhere else.

Readers can see her on-stage at Central Pier on Thursday and Friday - in her dream-role - in the musical journey through some of the greatest pop rock songs of all time.

From a rich musical heritage - her father considered the greatest soprano cornet player in the country - and great uncle the legendary Billy Fury - she has drawn on her experience as a graduate of the famous Laine’s Theatre School in London, from which she was plucked to star in the West End show Blood Brothers as Linda - and gone from strength to strength ever since.

She said: “Ever since I first saw Meatloaf in 1993 in Manchester, I wanted to be that woman. I just fell in love with the girl and felt I really wanted to do that.

“I was so pleased to get the role in Legends. It was my dream-role.

“It’s challenging, but in a positive way. For me, work is like a playground, because I just enjoy it so much.”

Being on-stage was somewhere Leanne always wanted to be.

“I wanted to perform. I always loved singing, right from an early age and I started going to dance school when I was four. I started doing amateur dramatics and then carried on until I was about 15.

“I went down to London to theatre school for three years and after that my professional career took off.

“It’s instant gratification in this industry, when you see the smiles on people’s faces and see how much they are enjoying the show.

“I can’t imagine myself working in any other industry.

“I want to carry on for as long as I can - behind the scenes too, I intend to make the most of it.”

Leanne loves the Fylde coast so much she now lives in Kirkham.

“It’s really nice, I love it there. It’s in the countryside.

“It’s really great because it means Blackpool and the seaside is just 10 minutes away, but I am a bit away from it all in the peace and quiet.”

Tranquility is something Leanne craves when she isn’t performing.

She said: “When I get any spare time, I don’t really want to go out.

“When that’s the environment you work in, you really don’t fancy going to a pub, bar or club when you’re off.

“I like to just relax, chill out. I love to settle down with a nice bottle of wine and a good box-set. And some ice cream!”

Despite having travelled all over the world, Leanne loves the UK the best, particularly Blackpool.

She said: “It’s brilliant I have been able to go all over the world with this job, and I have seen some wonderful places - but for me, there’s no place like home.

“When I moved to Blackpool in 2004, I think I was a bit in awe really and star-struck - all the big names, everybody was here.

“Now I have performed on every major stage in Blackpool.

“I didn’t think I would get to work on Central Pier, but of course, now I have. It’s such a good feeling and I am really chuffed.

“It really is an honour to be part of Legends - one of Blackpool’s most successful and longest-running shows.

“To work with such amazing people. The audiences in Blackpool are just fantastic. I’m really enjoying being part of Legends.

“And Blackpool allowed me to realise my dream from 1993 when I realised I wanted to be the Meatloaf girl.”

When Legends comes to a close at the end of the month, Leanne will get a short breather before a series of Christmas shows start.

From November 30, until December 17, Legends will be bringing a party with the stars to the Central Pier Show bar.


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