Kind of blue as Chubby hits the stage

Roy Chubby Brown
Roy Chubby Brown
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Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown - Grand Theatre, Blackpool

THE warning on the tickets – if easily offended please stay away – says it all.

Roy Chubby Brown’s show at The Grand isn’t somewhere to take your gran – unless she self-funds her own swear box.

It’s just a shame there wasn’t another warning about his ‘special guests’, local band Lune Deep.

It was clear from the number of people who left their seats to head to the bar in the first half that they were really only there to see one person.

And, after some 43 years on the comedy circuit, Brown didn’t disappoint his fans.

His potty mouth is as grubby as ever, and his timing and delivery just as sharp.

Wearing his trademark flying helmet and colourful patchwork quilt suit, the veteran funnyman had his audience keeling over in laughter during his hour and a bit show.

His act was crude, sexist and at times racist – for which he made no apologies.

He’s been accused in the past of having little current affairs material, but there was no evidence of it missing here.

Early on in the show he announced how he was struggling to get rid of his time shares in Syria and he made references to the Olympics (lads on his local council estate asking torch bearers for a light).

But whatever the subject, Brown always seems to bring the jokes back round to sex (hyenas mate six times a day, no wonder they’re always laughing). And his raps and fat gags remain in abundance (calling a girl Marge because she was 80 per cent fat).

With his finale - a strip to the Full Monty – the blue man in comedy certainly didn’t have his audience leaving the theatre feeling blue.

Julia Bennett