Ken’s looking for an open air home gig

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A former Blackpool musician who played with members of Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell in his youth is hoping to find a public booking in the resort with his current international line-up.

Ex Arnold School student Ken Avis now lives in the USA and plays guitar with Veronneau. a multinational band playing acoustic, song based Latin Jazz and Gypsy Swing.

The band will be touring the UK in July 2011 to promote its latest album starting at the Edinburgh Fringe, heading down to Lancashire for the BeatHerder Festival and working its way south.

“We will be playing a small gig in Blackpool at the San Marco restaurant, more of a family and friends visit than anything, but we’d love to add another gig in the resort,” says Ken. “We’d love to play something on the street. I understand there are gigs at the new pedestrian area in front of St John’s Church and the Opera House but we don’t know how to go about getting one.”

Véronneau comprises Quebecoise vocalist Lynn Véronneaus. Her solo album, Something Cool, a mix of jazz standards, pop, and blues, attracted kudos from critics, radio stations, and public alike. As a classicaly trained singer, Lynn brings an effortless technique to her interpretations in the jazz style and she has performed throughout Canada, Europe and the US and recorded in her own right and as a session vocalist for others.

Lynn met and performed with Ken in Switzerland, before moving to the USA and adding guitarist, David Rosenblatt and drummer Pete Walby to the mix. Rosenblatt developed his love of Brazilian acoustic guitar as a child living in Rio. He subsequently crafted his sound in Brazil, and San Francisco with scholarships and live performance. David’s solo composition Opening of Summer is featured on the band’s upcoming CD.

“I played with the keyboard players of both Soft Cell and Pet Shop boys as we were all at Arnold School together,” says Ken. “My band played all the local venues of the day - Jenks, Downtown Bar etc - and I had a music agency booking those venues and some of the big concerts of the day. It’s going back a bit but the agency booked bands like Jack the Lad, Racing Cars, Sassafras and many of the smaller punk bands of the day. Then I headed off to London where I was in the Otis Grand Blues Band for five years before moving to live in Europe, Asia and the USA.”

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