Keeping it in the family with The Chuckle Brothers

The Chuckle Brothers
The Chuckle Brothers
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The chuckle Brothers - Blackpool Grand Theatre

There’s something almost surreal about a show which opens with a group of politically dubious dancing cannibals reminiscent of Rupert Bear’s early adversaries singing the Banana Boat song and ends with the exhortation to “blow your whistle” and dance.

Yes, the sight of Paul (the tall one) and Barry (the other one) sat behind keyboards and drums is more Chemical Brothers than Chuckle Brothers but in the scheme of things probably no stranger than the talking toucan or an ultra violet act performed to Hank Mizell’s Jungle Rock.

There’s probably a thesis in here somewhere as the hardly young Chuckle Brothers are joined by their older real life siblings the Patton Brothers (Jimmy and Brian) plus popular illusionists Stuart and Jayne Loughland (aka Safire) together with Richard Morgan and Steve Bloor (who double as assistant stage manager and sound FX electrician).

But thanks to Chuckle Vision the Rotherham brothers (and clan) continue to be adored by youngsters and, it has to be admitted, their grown up relatives too. With catchphrases such as “‘ello” and “to me to you” it’s always going to be predictably simple stuff – a cross between pantomime (“custard” pies and annoyingly squirted water) and traditional Music Hall (time honoured joke and set pieces). It’s a little bit cheeky at times (“polish it? But we haven’t got a parrot!”) but nothing the kids don’t find hilarious and nothing that adults will have to explain after – except perhaps the beach cafe on a desert island and that unexpected dance/rock megamix at the end.

* The Return of Pirates of the River Rother 2: In Stranger Tights runs on Mondays at 7pm until September 3.