Jon’s popularity keeps on growing

Jon Gomm - Portrait 2
Jon Gomm - Portrait 2
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Former Blackpool-based guitarist Jon Gomm has had more than 25,000 viewings of the video of the first in a series of five downloadable singles he is releasing.

The Leeds-based guitarist has established an international reputation with his complex two-handed acoustic playing style, creating drum sounds, bass lines and sparkling melodies all at the same time.

International tours have generated a cult following and Jon is regarded as a talented and innovative guitarists.

His home-recorded debut album Hypertension sold more than 10,000 copies with no industry backing.

The next, Don’t Panic, sold out on Amazon within five.

Now, with a nod to the early days of recorded popular music, when people loved one song at a time, or before that when they bought the sheet music and learnt it for themselves, Jon is releasing a set of singles, beginning with Passionflower – a track, inspired by the plant which overgrew the whole of his backyard in Leeds.

There is an accompanying guitar ‘tab’ available and the YouTube video was made by Jon’s fans, keen to get involved and help the cause.

Future releases in the project will include an instrumental arrangement of a disco classic, a political call to arms, an acoustic-progressive meditation on obsession and a cover version of one of Jon’s favourite songs from his childhood.

Passionflower, the first in what he is calling The Domestic Science Singles Series, can be streamed or downloaded at

The second release in on October 29, then monthly until January.