Jesse’s Odyssey to big up Blackpool

Jesse Rae
Jesse Rae
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Fancy seeing yourself in an R’n’B music video set to big up Blackpool? Well, a claymore swinging Scotsman could just be the man to make your dream come true.

It might sound a bit crazy, but Jesse Rae, who had a hit with his Scots anthem Over the Sea, but is best known for writing disco band Odyssey’s Inside Out, has a plan for a hit featuring his favourite resort.

Jesse, who has family in Blackpool, has penned a funk tune for Odyssey called Come On Up To Blackpool and wants businesses to get involved.

Jesse said: “I love coming to Blackpool and I really wanted to do something special to promote the town and the businesses there, and I think this is the perfect opportunity.

“The beauty of a music video is that they have longevity. People still watch my Over the Sea video now 30 years on, so anyone getting involved will have that presence out there for years.”

He said for a contribution to the production costs of £30,000, businesses could have their premises or product in Blackpool in the video, which will feature Odyssey singing in a variety of locations around the resort.

“I write for the R’n’B scene out in the US and work with people like Jimmy Douglass, who produces for Justin Timberlake, and this track is ideal for that market.

“There are a lot of black families in New Jersey or Kentucky who would love the fun of Blackpool, but obviously have never heard of the place.

“This track could change that. These people have money to spend and by watching the music video it will put it in their minds.”

He said it would be filmed along the lines of his Over the Sea video, but instead of featuring Scottish and New York landmarks, would feature Blackpool in all its glory.

“It’s going to be upbeat and show Blackpool and its people in the best possible light. I have people lined up to film it and produce the track and we have ice skaters from the area ready to be part of the film.

“I am looking for young talent to be part of it and up and coming businesses with a world view to get behind it.”

Steven Collazo of Odyssey, son of one of the original singers Lillian Lopez, said: “While it would be a stretch for me to say we have roots in Blackpool, the resort has most certainly been a tremendous part of our odyssey in the UK.

“As such, we’re honoured to take part in whatever way we can to assist in its rejuvenation and renaissance.

“Blackpool has always been one of the main points of call for any UK tour Odyssey has done over the decades, even until fairly recently, performing at some of the newer clubs there like the Copacabana, and in the near future at Ego.

“My co-producer and I came up with the track, and I’m pleased with myself about the groove.”

Any businesses wanting to get involved with the project can contact Jesse on