It’s more than just a rumour for tribute band visit

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AFTER the success of their 2012 UK tour, Rumours of Fleetwood Mac are back to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Fleetwood Mac’s 11th studio album, Rumours.

The band will be heading to Blackpool Opera House on March 6 next year

One of the decade-defining albums of the 70s, Rumours, described by Mick Fleetwood as “the most important album we ever made.”

It has since transcended its era to become one of the greatest and most compelling pop albums of all time.

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac replicate perfectly the power, subtlety and hypnotic emotion of Fleetwood Mac at their best.

Featuring the Rumours album in its entirety, including Dreams, Go Your Own Way and The Chain plus other timeless classics such as Gypsy, Rhiannon, Little Lies and many more, Rumours of Fleetwood Mac is a nostalgic evening of outstanding musicianship 

And in a special message from Mick Fleetwood he gives his full endorsement of the tribute band.

“How very extraordinary that, on this special tour, we gather to celebrate the music of Fleetwood Mac, so many years after our very first performance together.

“There have been many re-incarnations of our band over the years, so many special times and moments, both on recordings and in our lives.

 “This year celebrates the 35th anniversary of Rumours, but perhaps it’s a little bit more than just that. Several things have remained constant throughout our creative journey, our passion for our music, our love and understanding of each other, and yes, your passion for our music.

 “Thank you for all your support and your love over the years, and for travelling beside us all the way. Let’s share our music once again.

“Of course we’re not here in body but we are in musical spirit. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy our dear friends Rumours of Fleetwood Mac.”

* Tickets at £22.50 each are on sale now.