Illuminations friends never tire of helping

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In our new feature, we profile those businesses and individuals who support the Blackpool Illuminations and contribute to keep the Lights shining. This week we look at the Friends of the Illuminations group...

The Friends of Blackpool Illuminations are a group of people who never tire in their enthusiasm for the town.

The group of friends, led by eight ambassadors, give up countless hours of their time to come up with ideas, run events and drum up support for the famous display.

Their contribution has brought in hundreds of thousands over the years to help support the display and they are responsible for many of the new methods through which people and businesses can donate like the Logolights, Headlights and Buy a Lamp scheme.

Shirley Hunt, of the group, said: “We love the Illuminations and recognise how important they are to Blackpool and, in particular business. We give up our time voluntarily to help raise money to help keep the lights shining.

“It’s a real passion of ours and we have a lot of fun doing it.”

The group, which includes leading hoteliers and business people from across town, work closely with the Blackpool Council Illuminations team.

Their message to the community is clear though – we need more help.

Shirley added: “We do encounter apathy. People often feel like Blackpool Illuminations have been around forever and will remain around forever.

“The message we need to get across to people is that, with the way that local Government has suffered cuts in the last few years, it’s very difficult to continue to sustain an amazing show like Blackpool Illuminations.

“We need people, and particularly the big businesses in Blackpool who benefit from the Illuminations, to put their hands in their pockets and, not just pay lip service but really support the display.”

The Friends are also holding an End of Season Switch-off Party on November 9.

For more information or to get involved with the Friends of the Illuminations, visit or friends for more details.

To donate to Blackpool Illuminations, visit