Humour in an unlikely setting

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The Pajama Game - Lowther Pavilion

The Pajama Game is blessed with four outstanding songs and the cast of the St. Annes Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society have the expertise and talent to make the most of them.

Michael Barnsley and Joanne James carry the show with accomplished acting and singing. ‘Hey, there you with the stars in your eye’ and ‘Once a year day’ are delightful ballads and contrast neatly with the Latin ‘Steam Heat’ and ‘Hernando’s Hideaway’.

Choreographer Becci Pearson picks up thoughtfully on the theme of time, clocks and the pressure of production in her routines.

TV’s Rag Trade in the 1970s and Corrie’s Underworld in 2011 have shown that even the unlikely setting of an industrial dispute in an underwear factory in Iowa in the 1950s should provide plenty of opportunities for humour.

However this very American show which provided a vehicle to launch the career of Shirley MacLaine on Broadway and starred Doris Day on screen lacks enough attractive characters to make it really fizz.

Neil James, the manic Hines, Tom Warburton, an unpleasantly sleazy Prez and Don Green as overbearing factory boss Hasler all work hard, well supported by Geraldine Brown and Suzanne Cook and the comical Debbie Whiteside.

The Society, the oldest on the Fylde coast, will be presenting Oklahoma as their 112th production next year, a show whose all-round strength will enable a very committed company to display their ability to the full.

Julian Wilde