Hopelessly devoted to movie great

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Sing-a-long Grease, Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Pink Ladies dressed up to the nines packed into The Grand Theatre to enjoy a fun night of nostalgia and singing along to one of the best movie musicals ever.

It may literally have just been a showing of the 30-odd year old film with subtitles for the songs but that didn’t matter because this really was a hit.

It was my first outing to a sing-a-long and although Grease was a film I adored as a youngster, and still do now to be fair, I’ll admit I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy this whole en masse karaoke thing.

I was wrong.

We were all handed a goody bag on entry which included a tissue to wave during Hopelessly Devoted, a flag, party popper and balloon to use at other memorable parts of this fantastic movie, and we even used the said brown paper goody bag to put on our heads during Beauty School Drop Out. And yes, virtually everyone in the auditorium joined in with these actions.

But why wouldn’t they, when young and old alike were dressed as Sandra Dee, Pink Ladies, T-birds and one person even decided to come as a hot dog much to the compere’s amusement during the fancy dress contest.

Yes, fancy dress contest. I thought I was just going to sing along to Summer Nights and Greased Lightnin’ while watching the film, but oh no. Before it started everyone that had taken the time to dress up, and believe me there were a lot, was paraded on stage and awarded prizes.

This was a brilliant night, well done to The Grand, and although my hands may be aching from all the hand-jiving I’ll most certainly be looking out for the next Sing-a-long.

I believe The Sound of Music is a good one so I better start looking for a habit.