Highly-strung group leading a guitar revolution

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With the FA Cup final looming on Saturday, hotly-tipped Stoke band All The Young probably won’t be hanging around too long after their gig at the Mad Ferret in Preston tonight.

The are being tipped as a band with the brains and brawn to bring back guitar led solidity to indie rock ’n’ roll and are led by the Dooley brothers – frontman Ryan and bassist Jack – with drummer Will Heaney and guitarist David Cartwright.

“The thing is, I can understand as much as anyone right now why there’s been a lull in proper guitar tunes,” says Ryan.

“People have been waiting for something bigger to come along.

“When there’s a lull it made me want it more and fuelled the hunger for it.”

As for their name, he said: “We could have been called The Dooleys,” says Jack of his four siblings growing up in Stoke-On-Trent.

“Unfortunately there was already a band called The Dooleys, and the two of us didn’t fancy it.”

And so it was that just Ryan and Jack stepped out on to their pub circuit, along with school friend David, in an embryonic incarnation by the name of New Education.

Before long they were ramming venues across country, satisfying anyone with a hunger for honest British guitar music played straight from the heart.

When drummer Will Heaney joined their ranks they found a new energy and a new name.

All The Young was born.

“I think we’re not scared to freak out now,” says Jack.

“On one hand, as you grow up a bit, you start to care a bit more about how you look and hold yourself, so you can see that compared to old snaps, I hope.

“But at the same time, I remember starting to look around the stage and thinking, ‘What damage can we cause here?’ It’s been a real release.”