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Shaolin warriors - Grand Theatre
Shaolin warriors - Grand Theatre
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The latest show from the Shaolin Warriors – Legendary Masters of Kung-Fu (above) – is heading to Blackpool Grand Theatre on Sunday June 26.

The Shaolin Warriors are performers of Shaolin style martial arts whose theatrical production vividly showcases the Kung-Fu masters’ feats of agility, strength and skill.

Featuring Buddhist meditation and rigorous martial arts training, this brand new production fuses gorgeous scenery, atmospheric music and hundreds of costumes, featuring 22 professionally trained Kung-Fu masters.

Director Stephen Leatherland says of the 2011 show: “Shaolin Warriors is a family show.

“In particular there’s a teaching sequence with children from the audience who experience being taught Kung-Fu live on stage.

“There are so many exciting feats this year, such as the five spears thrusting the body – a stunt where a warrior is supported in the air with spears.

“Others include lying on blades, the nail bed, and breaking iron bars using forehead alone to name just a few.

“However it should be noted that the warriors are non-aggressive. At the heart of their ethos is grace and elegance which is a fundamental theme throughout the performance.”

Now a huge hit over three continents, the Shaolin Warriors have been seen live on stage by over 600,000 people of all ages. Book by calling the Grand Theatre box office on (01253) 290190 or online at www.blackpoolgrand.co.uk