Hacienda lives on

Hacienda - Sandcastle
Hacienda - Sandcastle
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BLACKPOOL’S Adam & Eve reunion organiser Simon Fish is spreading his wings – with a night for all fans of the former Hacienda club in Manchester.

It has come about after the response he has received to a facebook page he recently launched called “I’m from Blackpool and I went to the HACIENDA.”

“Towards the end of the 80s clubbers from Blackpool were a bit fed up with the usual discos,” said Simon. “ News of a fantastic club in Manchester was enough for people to make the journey to see what it was all about – The Hacienda – owned by Factory records and New Order was a New York style huge warehouse/dance club – Madonna had filmed there for Channel 4’s The Tube, as well as all the up and coming groups/bands of the eighties (The Smiths, Inspiral Carpets, Stone Roses, Boy George and New Order to name a few).

“It was host to all the big name DJs of the time, and totally changed the face of clubbing – it was the very first Superclub and inspired the likes of Ministry of Sound in London, Cream in Liverpool and Gatecrasher in the Midlands.

“At the height of its popularity it was like being in a club in Blackpool – everywhere you looked was a familiar face.”

Despite that being 20 years ago within two days of setting up the facebook page the number of members reached over 200 – with everyone posting their favourite tunes from the Hacienda.

“It got so busy with notifications it was jamming everyone’s e-mails so- based on peoples’ reactions and comments it was decided that we should organise a club night in recognition of the fantastic times we had in the Hacienda,” said Simon.

As luck would have it Jon Dasilva, one of the original main Hacienda DJs (now living in Stockholm), was in the UK for a music festival and was promptly booked for the night. He will be joined by local DJ/internet radio station ‘Tha Gods’ – an incarnation of Jonny ‘Jaydub’ Wilde, Ed Mahon (courtesy of Cowbell FM on IMPACT RADIO) and John J (underground systems) – who will re-create the sounds of the Hacienda.

“It’s not a re-union and we’re not trying to be the Hacienda – it’s just a celebration of a fantastic time in our lives,” said Simon.

The event is being held in Wicked Dancing (the former Adam & Eve nightspot on Chapel Street in Blackpool on September 23 from 9pm to 4am. Admission is £5 by ticket available through Paypal on the facebook group or £7 on the door. Numbers are limited.