Greg’s on the cobbles

Greg Cook - Coronation Street
Greg Cook - Coronation Street
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There’s a familiar Blackpool face driving actress Sue Johnston back to Coronation Street tonight on ITV1.

South Shore based comedian Greg Cook (pictured below) is behind the wheel of Sue’s taxi as landlady Stella Price’s mum Gloria arrives unannounced from Spain to join the top rated soap.

“It’s all a bit ironic really as I drove a taxi up and down Blackpool Promenade on and off for about 15 years before I turned to comedy,” says Greg, who supplements his stand up routine with walk on and extra roles on television.

“I only get three lines in Corrie as I drop Sue off and I can’t even really remember what they actually were,” says Greg. “But it was fun to be involved especially as the Olympics were on at the time.

“It was a bit surreal sitting around discussing athletics with Ken Barlow while we waited for night to fall so filming the outdoor scenes could begin.”

It’s not the first time he’s been on the cobbled street – but previously he was “just a dot on the horizon.”

“From being a dot to having three lines is quite a jump,” he said. “But you never know what might come of it.”

And just as important as landing the part is that Greg gets his name in the Radio Times as part of this week’s cast as “The Driver”.

“My mum was over the moon,” he says. “One of her friends phoned her up to say she’d seen me in print so she went out and bought a copy straight away!”

But his new found tv “fame” doesn’t mean he’s turning his back on comedy.

“Things are pretty good at the moment,” he says. “I’m getting lots of after dinner bookings.

“I’ll be in Northern Ireland tomorrow and then Wales for two nights – so I’m something of an international comedian at the moment!”