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Peter Kay as Geraldine on Comic Relief - using an Acorn stairlift
Peter Kay as Geraldine on Comic Relief - using an Acorn stairlift
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When Mrs Overall makes her entrance in next month’s production of Victoria Wood’s Acorn Antiques the Musical at Lytham’s Lowther Pavilion, it will be on a genuine Acorn Stairlift. And Victoria Wood has even personally changed the words of one of the songs in the show to sing about it being used.

Steeton-based Acorn is one of the largest suppliers of stairlifts in the world, with hundreds installed in the Fylde area alone. This has allowed them to offer a free one to any amateur group producing Acorn Antiques the Musical throughout the UK this year.

“We were first approached by an amateur group near Manchester asking to borrow a stairlift,” said company secretary Dave Belmont. “Since then we have offered our stairlifts to every other group producing the musical so we were delighted to assist Lytham’s Clifton Academy with their production.

“We can install a stairlift within hours of receiving an order, even on special curved staircases so it is an easy task to install one for this excellent production.”

Acorn Antiques the Musical is being performed from Tuesday May 31 to Saturday June 4. For tickets, call the box office on (01253) 794221.

n Acorn recently loaned a stairlift to Comic Relief for Peter Kay’s Geraldine to use in his duet with Susan Boyle