Ghostly pavilion’s really far out

Stephen Mercer at Blackpool's Noth Pier. (Has written a book on haunted Blackpool).
Stephen Mercer at Blackpool's Noth Pier. (Has written a book on haunted Blackpool).
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Supernatural Events is bringing its eerie investigations back to Lytham’s Lowther Pavilion next month.

The company has presented Ghost Tours, Investigations and other paranormal-based events across the Fylde coast since Hallowe’en 2006 and on Friday December 2 is offering the public an opportunity to spend the night investigating some of the “strange goings-on” that have been reported at the Lytham theatre.

Opened in 1921, the original Pavilion was renovated in 1982 but the history of the 457 seat theatre is relatively unknown, unlike the gardens in which it is based. But what happens when the shows are over, the audience, the companies and the theatre staff have left for the evening; when the doors are firmly shut and locked, and the lights are turned off?

You can find out for yourself when Supernatural Events carries out the first ever overnight investigation at the theatre to discover what goes on in the darkened auditorium, stage areas and some other locations where the public do not usually get the chance to explore during daylight hours never mind late at night.

The Overnight Ghost Investigation will be led by Supernatural Events’ founder and author of the recently published Haunted Blackpool book Stephen Mercer.

“It is great to return to the Lowther Pavilion,” he said. “I have organised a number of shorter ghost tours there in the past, but this will be the first overnight investigation that has taken place there and from some of the stories I have been told about ghostly encounters, we will need a full night to investigate them.


“It is one of my favourite locations and those who come on the Lowther Pavilion overnight investigation will have the opportunity to spend five hours ghost hunting using paranormal investigative equipment such as crystal pendulums, dowsing rods, thermometers, energy meters and motion detectors.”

Tickets are £25 and must be booked in advance. Call the Lowther Pavilion Box Office on (01253) 794221 or book online at Free parking is also available at the Pavilion.

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