Gentle witticisms of New York Jewish life

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Crossing Delancey - Lowther Pavilion, Lytham

The quality of the acting in Fylde Coast Players’ latest production is impressive.

This is essential as Susan Sandler’s romantic comedy is firmly set in the Jewish tradition of strongly drawn characters and a happy ending, with the plot relatively incidental.

Vera Cummins as the knowing and cunning grandmother Bubbie leads the way, affectionate but rarely seeing eye to eye with her modern granddaughter Izzy – a considered performance here from Andrea Neville.

Stewart Harland’s mastery of the New York accent gives complete credibility to his nice-Jewish-boy-with-prospects-and-a good-catch-role and Maureen Calveley has the busybody nature of matchmaker Hannah Mandelbaum off to a T.

Andrew Cooke works hard as the two-faced author Tyler Moss, but here the writing and characterisation is at its weakest and consequently the somewhat sentimental ending is telegraphed from a long way out.

Jeff Redfern directs unfussily and the gentle witticisms of Jewish family life keep us chuckling throughout. You can imagine it going down very well in New York and it is very much to the credit of this expert cast that it goes down well too with a Fylde coast audience.

Crossing Delancey continues until Saturday at 7.30 pm.