Funny - but I didn’t need the toilet once

Russell Kane
Russell Kane
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Russell Kane - Blackpool Grand Theatre

Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Russell Kane jokes – in a faux Northern accent – about the joy of being on the same stage as Ken Dodd and his four-hour comedy marathons.

He won’t, he says be doing what the “old comics” do, what his fictitious end of the pier comic “Bobby Jangles” delivers.

He won’t be doing more than an hour (he does, in fact, do 75 minutes) because the “old codgers” (ie the “over 40s”) in the audience won’t be able to last that long between toilet breaks.

Truth is he probably hasn’t got much more material than he delivers on his popular Manscaping tour and since when have Ken Dodd’s (or any other “old comics” audiences) been particularly incontinent?

Much of Kane’s material is actually very funny but likewise much is a far too self indulgent peek into a personal life which has been suitably exaggerated for comic effect but is too long winded.

At times he has a rare insight into the male psyche, at times he’s merely working out his own insecurities on an audience only too keen to lap it all up from him but who would be loathe to hear the same confessional style approach and subject matter from anyone they hadn’t seen on the likes of Big Brother’s Big Mouth.

He’s hyperactive and has a better way with hecklers than Billy Connolly (agree with them or threaten to have them thrown out) but he’s better than capable of more than his current material.

Support came from Rob Beckett – confident, original and instantly likeable.