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Two Brothers and One World Cup - Lowther Pavilion, Lytham

Stripes Theatre Company are taking their 2010 Edinburgh Fringe success to 20 northern venues this autumn and their committed style and easy rapport with the audience are a treat.

Performers Zach Lee and Eamonn Fleming both narrate and act the story of Rochdale brothers Micky and Jimmy and their disconnected family against the background of football world cups from 1982-2010. It’s high-octane and often very physical comedy, but spiced up too with some telling one-liners.

With the aid of two guitars, strong voices, slick sound effects, mood-setting lighting and a few props they bring pace, comedy and life both to the narrative and the action throughout.

There’s more than a little poignancy, especially towards the end, so it’s a pity that the show concludes with a football song singalong which reduces the significance of the preceding drama.