Former Blackpool breakdancer makes his mark

Got To Dance
Got To Dance
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A former Blackpool-based breakdancer is making his mark on Sky1HD’s hit contest Got To Dance.

It’s second time lucky for BBoy Silk (real name Michael), who trained in Blackpool for three months with the resort’s own breakdance troupe Freeflow.

He appeared in the first series last year but disaster struck when, after wowing the audience with a powerful performance, he had an asthma attack on stage at the end of his dance.

This year he is determined to prove to the judges and everyone else that having asthma should not hold you back.

“I’ve trained harder, concentrated on my cardio and done fitness exercises every day, and the judges have said it shows,” he said. “I want to be an inspiration for other asthma sufferers, I want to show that carrying an inhaler is nothing to be ashamed of.

“Last year, on the day of the audition, I’d just come out of hospital and that is where it all went wrong. This year I’m in peak physical fitness and ready to wow the judges.”

The 21 year old (pictured above), whose surname really is Silk, got the BBoy tag because of his dance style. He briefly moved to the resort after meeting members of the Blackpool crew in competitions.

“They were a massive help and we’d hang out in places like Che Bar and CoCo,” he said. “I had a really good time there.”

Originally from Portsmouth, he is now based in London, where he combines performing his hip hop/break/arts fusion with teaching.

“I only started because I saw some people dancing in a club and decided to join in,” he said. “After that I taught myself.”

With last year’s winner – 10-year-old Akai from Kent – scooping £100,000 prize money and a host of A list bookings, Michael says winning the show would change his life.

“But that’s not why I’m in the show,” he said. “I know I’m not the best in the world but I just want to prove that people can overcome their setbacks and be what they want to be.

“Being in the show is good for everyone’s profile and there’s plenty of work out there, both performing and teaching.”

n Got To Dance is on Sky1HD every Sunday at 6pm.