Eyes down for the UK’s luckiest town!

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They are well and truly bringing the House down at a Blackpool bingo club.

The resort’s Mecca Bingo on Talbot Road celebrated 22 National Bingo Game wins in 2013 – sparking claims that the town is the UK’s luckiest.

set of colouored bingo balls

set of colouored bingo balls

The tally of wins is higher than at any other venue in any town in Britain and two wins ahead of nearest rival Stockton-on-Tees.

The winners pocketed a total of £156,000, with the biggest winner scooping nearly £25,000 - and the record has led the National Bingo Game to award Blackpool the accolade of being ‘Britain’s Luckiest Town’.

Regulars with their ‘eyes down’ for a game at the club yesterday lunchtime agreed that they seemed to have more than their fair share of luck.

Stella Callaghan, who plays three times a week has been coming to the venue for eight or nine years and her biggest payout was £700.

“The club is my lucky charm and I seem to win nearly every time - not the big prizes but a little bit is better than nothing,” said Stella, 70, of Alpine Avenue, South Shore.

“People do seem to win here a lot, although I can’t put my finger on why.

“Winning doesn’t really bother me though; it’s a day out and it also now means I’m not on my own following the death of my husband John last November.”

An elder statesman of the game, John Marshall, 96, from St Heliers Road, South Shore, who plays three times a week, said: “I’ve done reasonably well here in nearly 20 years but my biggest win was just before last Christmas when I won £1,000 from playing just three books.

“I can go three or four weeks without a win but then I suddenly strike lucky.

“I come here for pleasure because I don’t drink or smoke, I’m on my own now and I don’t have children.”

At the opposite end of the age spectrum, Daniella Hill began playing just a few months ago after turning 18.

“My mum and my grandma come here and they asked me to come along,” said Daniella, of Rossington Avenue, Bispham.

“I’ve just won the £100 so far so I would never have guessed Blackpool was the town with the most National Bingo Game wins. I suppose it must be pure luck.”

Lumena Major, 84, of Milbourne Street, Blackpool, who plays four times a week, said: “I enjoy it here - and that’s from someone who has played the casinos and Vegas and won £17,000!

“I’ve been on coach trips and played bingo in other places in England and Scotland and when I think of it I suppose I do find Blackpool a lucky venue in comparison.”

Mecca’s operations manager, Paul Kay, who has been at the club since it opened 19 years ago, said: “We’ve always had really good success with regional and national prizes and I’ve always known we were there or thereabouts but it’s nice to now get this official recognition.

“We are a busy club which means we may have a slight edge in terms of the number of tickets in play but that is not so significant when you think around 600 clubs are playing - so luck must come into it.”

The National Bingo Game has launched a new jackpot which means a big winner is guaranteed every afternoon and evening, while a jackpot of up to £250,000 will be claimed every three to four weeks.