REVIEW: Circolombia, 
Blackpool Tower Circus

Launch of Showzam with festival headliners Circolombia
Launch of Showzam with festival headliners Circolombia
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If you’re keen to see two people perform spectacular feats of physical prowess aided by ropes and swings then look no further than Blackpool Tower Circus.

Showzam! Festival’s headliners Circolombia offer jaw dropping and eye popping aerial acrobatics, using swings, ropes and mood lighting, between the Tower’s four legs.

And this is a family-friendly show which is nothing short of amazing.

Heart in your mouth, watch on as this troupe of Colombian circus performers perform double, triple, quadruple and quintuple blackflips, somersaults and twists.

Their moves punctuate an original score of Latino style dance music with a bassline that reverbs around the arena.

The show’s opener of short, sharp, shocking moves from each performer alludes to their backgrounds, having been plucked from the poor streets of their South American home country and trained as world class acts.

They use their bodies to become somebody.

Their visit to Blackpool marks the world premiere of their latest show, which is set to play in London and Paris after its six-day stint here.

The showpiece of this hour-long spectacular is easily the pair of rope dancers.

While he seemingly ballet dances around a corde lisse (a smooth rope), she swings from the rafters on a corde volante (a cloud swing), taking leaps of faith over audience members heads.

And when they team up to dangle by one limb from aerial ropes while writhing and wrapping around one another, you’ll think it simply can’t get any better, or daring.

But it will.

This heady mix of powerful performance, heart-stopping feats and a willingness to push the boundaries means Circolombia guarantees to get your heart racing long after Valentines Day - and every afternoon until Wednesday.

It plays daily in the Tower Circus, at 2.30pm.

Tickets at £8 for adults and £5 for children.

To book, contact: (01253) 478222 or visit:

Katie Upton