PCW’s Steven Fludder - Now my normal and your normal are very different!

PCW owner Steven Fludder
PCW owner Steven Fludder
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After taking a couple of weeks off I am getting back to normal.

Now my normal and your normal are very different! I should be shutting down for Christmas but after doing a full stock take I decided to have a flash sale on DVDs and T-Shirts. That actually was only last night and I am now writing this column at 5am after finishing packaging up almost seventy packages. I can never stop driving sales be it events or merchandise and that is why PCW stays afloat.

I must mention the last shows that happened on November 28th, 29th & 30th. The shows featured my company Preston City Wrestling & the second largest promotion in America Ring Of Honor. The weekend was a success in every area and I managed to pull off the unthinkable and deliver four high quality shows in one weekend. I do actually consider it my greatest achievement to date and I feel all who where involved feel a sense of pride at achieving what we have in just three years.

The PCW talent all stepped up their game at the last shows and hopefully now have people across the pond with their eye on them. I would love to be one of the factors helping PCW talent to branch out to other countries. Wrestling is very much a right place and right time type of job and to many those shows were both. I just hope that Ring Of Honor management agree with my views and see what I see in my talent.

Finally my big stress causing word of 2014 is academy. Yes, the academy has still not been approved and this time I am awaiting the planning permission to be granted. It is the final hurdle but we did submit final plans early October. It was not included in the December planning committee meeting to my annoyance. Hopefully it will be included in January as its dragging on for far too long now. I viewed the unit and got the ball rolling last January, how crazy is that? Christmas is not the same when you have a house full of wrestling academy items taking over. Not many other people can say their tree is next to a load of crash mats.