Jet book flies off the shelf

Author Jim Longworth
Author Jim Longworth
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The third in a series of best-selling books about test flying aircraft in the county has gone on sale.

Test Flying in Lancashire, written by aviation historian Jim Longworth, covers a period from the early 1980s to the present day, charting the development of aircraft by British Aerospace and its successor, BAE Systems.

The book marks major milestones including the development of the Eurofighter Typhoon and Hawk advanced jet trainer which are still built at the company’s sites at Warton and Samlesbury, near Preston, employing around 10,000 people.

It is expected to be another hit, with previous editions having been best-sellers at a number of bookshops in Lancashire and with profits going to a number of charities.

Jim, a member of the BAE Systems Heritage Department which published the series, said: “Volume Three carries on the story of continuous development of aviation technology, which flows through the history the company.

“It touches on the advancement of everything from design, construction, materials and aerodynamics through to weaponry, test flying and flight test engineering up to and including the digital age in which the company now operates.

“It also takes a look at how the future of aviation might look in light of the development of unmanned aircraft.”

Mark Bowman, Chief Test Pilot at BAE Systems said: “Jim has captured those magical moments in aviation that have helped keep the company at the very forefront of innovation.”

Last Christmas, the second volume of the series was the best-selling title at Waterstones in Preston over Christmas.