IN PICTURES: Twinkletoes production at Blackpool Opera House

Twinkletoes production at Blackpool Opera House
Twinkletoes production at Blackpool Opera House
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Thousands of costumes are lined up and glistening backstage at Blackpool Opera House this week as young dancers showcase months of hard work.

Around 400 performers from Barbara Jackson’s Theatre Arts Centre are taking part in this week’s Twinkletoes production.

Every two years, the Fleetwood-based school presents a dazzling week of shows, with this year’s running until Saturday.

BJTAC principal Lorraine Hill said: “We’ve got children aged 18 months to 18 years in the show, and what must be thousands of costumes; one of my grandchildren and all her class has seven costume changes!

“There’s something for everyone in the show and it’s really fast-flowing and busy.“There’s a fantastic 42nd Street number to open the show, and pieces from the Trolls and High School

Musical films, Matilda the musical, a massive Little Mix number, and contemporary dance.

“At one point there’s about 250 children in a Beauty And The Beast section, aged from 18 months to seven years - as one group dances, another’s lined up ready to go.

“With so many children taking part, we have no choice but to go to the Opera House, which is a wonderful opportunity for our pupils.

“I don’t teach now, I organise it, but I am so very, very proud of the dancers and all my teachers for the work they’ve put into this amazing show.”

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