Dancing in the first day of May

Maypole dance celebrations at Shakespeare Primary School
Maypole dance celebrations at Shakespeare Primary School
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Youngsters at Fleetwood’s Shakespeare Primary School celebrated the first day of May with some colourful and traditional dancing.

Every class in the school, on Manor Road, was involved in the celebrations.

And one of the highlights was a dance around the Maypole, which was decorated with colourful ribbons.

Headteacher Susan Bartlett said the seasonal dancing has become a tradition in the school, going back many decades.

She added: “It’s always very popular with the children and their parents, as the turnout from mums and dads shows.

“It keeps the English traditions alive and we always have the St George’s flag flying on the day.

“In a way it is a way of creating living history, but it 
also helps the pupils work as a team and gives them the confidence to perform.”

All the dances were set to a recording of traditional accordion and fiddle music.

Year 1 pupils began proceedings by dancing around the Maypole, in what was described by Mrs Bartlett as the ‘best Maypole dancing at the school in years’.

Kacie Wilkie was also crowned May Queen, with Thomas Horabin the cushion bearer, and Class R members dressed up as her retinue, in pink and white.

Year 2 pupils then performed a square set dance to the tune I Want To be Near You, while Year 3’s own square set dance was performed to the well known song, She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain.

Year 4’s entry was a long set dance to the tune The Bridge of Athlone.

Then it was Year 5, who performed to music simply called Oxo.

And Year 6 staged a circle dance to the song, Blaydon Races.

At the very end, even the parents joined in the circle dance to the tune, Circassian Circle.

Mrs Bartlett added: “We’re all really pleased with how it went, it’s very popular every year.”