Barrymore quits Blackpool summer show

Michael Barrymore cancels Blackpool season
Michael Barrymore cancels Blackpool season
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TROUBLED entertainer Michael Barrymore has pulled out of his planned Blackpool summer season show.

The performer, whose career went into free-fall after he became the centre of an investigation into the death of Stuart Lubbock at his home in 2001, was to have re-launched his career with a run of Saturday shows at North Pier Theatre starting on July 16.


Blackpool-based impresario Duggie Chapman said Barrymore was keen to use the resort as a launching pad and had put himself on a keep fit and alcohol-free regime.

But last week one tabloid newspaper reported the entertainer had been involved in a four letter word verbal attack on a waiter and fellow contestants of Celebrity Coach Trip after drinking wine during a meal in Corsica.

A spokesman for the star denied he was drunk and blamed his alleged erratic behaviour on medication he was using after falling off a horse.

Another newspaper reported how a worried friend of Barrymore had called the police after he feared the star had sounded suicidal during a phone call.

But the troubled star later insisted he was “fine”.

His management have now cancelled the entire Blackpool season

A spokesman said: “It’s with regret Michael has had to pull out of the upcoming season at Blackpool’s North Pier.

“However a recent fall has left him unsuited to the weekly travel up and down the country for the pier Saturday bookings.”

Mr Chapman confirmed the shows were off.

He added: “Michael has cancelled all his work for the summer.

“The tabloids were chasing him everywhere and staking out his house.

“He was being given a hard time and was worried about the bad press he might get.

“His fall didn’t help things but I know he was all geared up for the show and had been telling me about the new material he was preparing.

“He was doing so well.

“It was always a gamble but I had every faith the pubic would take him back to their hearts”

Replacing him on North Pier will be The Chuckle Brothers, said Mr Chapman.

“It is not their touring production – it is a full scale show for all the family with sketches and speciality acts,” he added.