An out of this world show

Scene from the 2014 Christmas show at Blackool's Funny Girls
Scene from the 2014 Christmas show at Blackool's Funny Girls
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‘Light up your life’ as the galaxy of stars at Funny Girls step into the festive season.

Bringing Funny Girls’ 20th anniversary year to a close, the Christmas Spectacular at Blackpool’s celebrated show bar features new routines, sets and costumes, as well as an ‘unforgettable’ new finale.

The talented cast showcase their signature eye-high kicks and precision dance style in some of the show’s most challenging numbers to date, with treats taking in Arabian Nights and popular musical Hairspray.

Show producer Phil Holmes is delighted with this year’s show.

“Funny Girls have surpassed all previous shows this year, with a truly out of this world smash hit spectacular production from start to finish,” he said.

“Bookings have gone through the roof and we are delighted that the positive word of mouth about the show has just exceeded all expectations.

“The Christmas finale is a joy to behold, and is intoxicating in its breath-taking originality, boldness and pure fantastical entertainment.

“The bright, colourful costumes are showstoppers themselves and the Arabian montage is a blast of technicolour extravagance that is like a kaleidoscopic trip down a rainbow.

“We have been overwhelmed with our customers response commenting on the stunning, dreamy, well crafted sets, the beautiful billowing silks and artistic choreographed genius - the fun, the laughter, the toe tapping, adrenaline fuelled dancing - it’s happiness personified.”

And he reveals the illuminating Ice Kingdom and Winter Wonderland finale, describing it as ‘a magical journey through an ice palace of dreams, dazzling delight and transports you to a starry galaxy of glamour far far away - resplendent in glorious glitz and giddy glee’.

Phil added: “This year’s 20th anniversary Christmas show is testament to all the cast and crew and hard-working team. It’s a wonderful winter wonderland with wow Factor all the way.

“This show is pure escapism and epitomises the festive feel-good factor mixed with fabulous fun and frivolity, especially with our resident DJ Zoe hosting the night’s non-stop entertainment.”

So come and get some sparkle in your life and don’t just see it - you will feel it, sing it, dance it, smile it, live it and enjoy it!

Doors open at 7pm, through to January 4. Call (01253) 649194 for tickets.