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The former Hastings restaurant in Hastings Place, Lytham.
The former Hastings restaurant in Hastings Place, Lytham.
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A TURKISH restaurant is to open in a residential area, despite its neighbours’ fears over noise and nuisance behaviour.

People living around Hastings Place, just outside Lytham town centre, told Fylde Council’s licencing panel they had been blighted with loud noise and cooking smells when the former Hastings 
restaurant opened in the area.

The Hastings closed in January last year, and its new owner, Hasan Ozkanca wants to turn it into a Turkish restaurant. But the neighbours say they are worried the old problems will resurface.

Speaking at Yesterday’s licencing panel meeting, Christopher Dean, who lives on Hastings Place, said: “This is a conservation area, full of history, and I would like to keep it that way.

“I have the same sort of concerns as the other residents. I have complained in the past and been met with abuse from the staff. It’s been a complete nightmare.”

James Singleton, of Upper Wesby Street, said he was concerned a thumping base line from the music at the restaurant would disturb him and his wife.

Speaking on behalf of Mr Ozkanca, Anthony Horne said: “It’s fair to say a lot of the issues relate to at least one previous operator who had a some what cavalier attitude towards the residents.

“I don’t criticise the residents for having these concerns because that’s what they remember and it’s difficult for them to put that to one side.

“But here are experienced operators from the Greater Manchester area with a record of no complaints at all.”
Councillors granted the premises licence for 9am to 11.30pm Sunday to Thursday and up to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Conditions include no live music after 10.30pm and the premises supervisor must give the residents a phone number in case of concerns.

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