Eating Out: Ego Mediterranean Restaurant

Ego Mediterranean Restaurant, Lytham
Ego Mediterranean Restaurant, Lytham
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Pleasant Street, Lytham. Since opening on Lytham’s Pleasant Street more than two years ago, Ego has entrenched itself as a staple venue for foodies on the Fylde coast.

It is one of a small chain of restaurants spread around the north of England and does what many smaller chains struggle to, keeping customers interested in coming back time and time again.

Ego Mediterranean Restaurant, Lytham

Ego Mediterranean Restaurant, Lytham

The restaurant’s theme is Mediterranean but it seems to have avoided many of the cliche’s which threaten that tag.

The menu is eclectic and offers a wide range of dishes, all made with a high degree of skill and knowledge of what flavours work well together.

And it is this variety which works well, meaning it was as busy on the Thursday night we ate there as it is on a Saturday.

It is also a popular venue in the summertime. With the open air veranda you could almost be enjoying the sun of a European costa as opposed to the Fylde coast.

While providing Italian staple fare including pizza and pasta dishes you could find in many a chain, Ego brings other dishes to the menu perhaps less familiar.

The Moroccan tagine (served with either chicken, pork or falafel) is one such dish as are the two pork dishes in an Andalucian or Iberian style.

In the end we turned to Italy and Spain for our starters and went back to Tuscany via the British countryside for our main courses.

I washed mine down with a Mexican lager while nothing shouts America more than my fiancee’s Coca Cola.

How multi-cultural is that?

But back to the food.

To start with my partner opted for the garlic bread with tomato while I opted for the chorizo sausage (chorizo frito al vino) cooked in thyme, rosemary, garlic and red wine.

The bread was less heavy than the cheese smothered option and tasted simple and fresh as we used it to mop up the sauce which the sausage had been cooked in.

The fleshy meat itself was spicy and rich with plenty to go at while the sauce was nicely balanced and packed full of flavour.

For our main courses my partner opted for the Tuscan meat balls in a rustic tomato sauce served with spaghetti and gran padano.

The sauce was simply flavoured and ably accompanied by the powerful tasting cheese.

I opted for the roasted lamb rump served with a risotto of petite pois, asparagus, broad beans, parmesan and pesto.

The meat came sliced and pink, cooked to perfection.

The flavour was well accompanied by the risotto which was creamy and rich and well accompanied by the fresh crunchy vegetables.

One of the great things about Ego is the amazing deals they do which mean people can enjoy a top night out without feeling too much pinch to the wallet.

The Monday special, which includes two courses and a bottle of house wine for £18.95 per person is an excellent option and ensures the restaurant is still busy on a night which is usually one of the quietest of the week.

The early bird prix fixe option is also a favourite with two courses costing £12.95 and three £14.95 between noon and 7pm Monday to Friday and all day on a Sunday.

Despite it’s name, Ego manages to provide a little something for all tastes and budgets with none of the fussiness it’s monicker suggests.


Name: Ego

Address: Pleasant Street, Lytham

Phone: (01253) 737758

Opening times: Evenings and lunch times from noon until late

Parking: On street and free in car park in the evening

Disabled access: Yes

Worth a visit for: Eclectic menu

One thing I’d change: More parking at lunchtime

Rating: 8/10